DIAA Clinic by Dr. Danai

Timeless Beauty for a Modern World

DIAA Clinic by Dr. Danai is a premiere beauty, skincare and medical clinic located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It is run by Dr. Danai Praditsuwan, Thailand’s leading physician with over 20 years of experience in the medical field. DIAA Clinic specializes in aesthetic therapies and non-invasive cosmetic and anti-ageing procedures such as facial treatments, facial designs and body contouring. Our signature services include HA fillers, V-Shape face toxin injections, ultherapy and lipo sculpture.

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Body Contouring
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DIAA Clinic is ideal for clients who would like to enhance their natural beauty by reducing the appearance of age and fatigue, rejuvenating skin tone and texture, and achieving greater symmetry and balance on their face and body.

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Why Choose DIAA Clinic?

Aside from Dr. Danai’s extensive experience and reputation as Thailand’s leading physician, DIAA Clinic is also renowned for its affordable, high-quality treatments and services that are available in a sleek environment and convenient location. The clinic uses world-class equipment and innovative technology to provide a comprehensive range of aesthetic services. To complement these services, professional and caring staff are available to make the experience that much more special. Personalized treatments are also tailored to ensure that every client has their individual needs met.

The non-invasive procedures available at DIAA Clinic can be done in an hour, carry little to no risk or complication, and typically do not cause any scarring or require extensive healing time. These procedures can be integrated into a routine care regime as either preventive or curative measures to combat the aging process and achieve longevity and enhanced beauty.


Aesthetics and ‘Universal Beauty’

DIAA Clinic, or Doctors in Aesthetic Art, is proud to specialize in enhancing and rejuvenating the natural features that one already possesses through non-invasive beauty enhancement and anti-ageing procedures, in order to provide clients with timeless and beautiful results.

Aesthetics is a branch of philosophy that deals with the nature of art and beauty, along with the creation and appreciation of beauty itself. Even though the physical features that are considered to be beautiful may vary depending on one’s culture, there are certain qualities that are regarded as universally beautiful such as facial symmetry, even and refined skin that is absent of blemishes and wrinkles, and a youthful appearance.

At DIAA Clinic, we aim to bring the beauty that you already own to the forefront. We don’t wish to turn you into someone else, but instead would like to be a part of lifting the veil that might be preventing you, and even the world, from realizing

“your full potential beauty”